Navigon 2510 Explorer


Navigon 2510 Explorer

Navigon knows GPS navigation business is just more than telling people how to get to B from A so they’re adding more and more features to make their sat nav more attractive to potential buyers. Take the Navigon 2510 Explorer for example with its new software, real time data connectivity, and the ability to be used as a navigator when not in a vehicle.

So what’s the latest with Navigon 2510 Explorer? The sightseeing function. It can inform the driver of the interesting places to visit along the route with information on historical sites alongside with pictures, opening times for places, and even a guide for scenic routes provided by ViaMichelin.

The Navigon 2510 Explorer also offers pedestrian navigation that is accompanied by a motion sensor that changes the orientation of the screen when you place the GPS in a vertical position. It also has a digital compass that is responsible for determining our exact heading when walking. The improved 4 hours battery life also is helpful when you can’t depend on your 12V power source in your car…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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