QStarz just unveiled a new GPS data logger / bluetooth GPS receiver which they claim is world’s most powerful. Called BT-Q1000X, this device has the same form factor as some of QStarz’ earlier models but it is more sensitive, has lower power consumption, and has A-GPS support.

Here are the impressive features of the new BT-Q1000X.

  • Adopts MTK II latest chipset with high sensitivity -165dBm and 66-Channel tracking

  • Ultra lower power consumption up to 42hrs operation

  • Less than 15-Sec. AGPS fix support: download almanac data to realize faster TTFF and positioning under warm start

  • Update Rate 1~5Hz changeable by utility provided

  • G-Mouse + Bluetooth in one: wired and wireless GPS receiver


BT-Q1000X can record up to 200,000 points, save a location with the push of a button (for geotagging), and has an auto on-off feature to save battery.

We’re not sure when this will hit the store here in the U.S. but we’re guessing it may be a while as BT-Q1000X is not even on QStarz’ website yet.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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