Telstra T165i brings GPS to rural Australia


Telstra T165i brings GPS to rural Australia


Telstra T165i is the new ‘country phone’ from the company. There isn’t much going on for this handset as far as looks but it could be life saver since it promises to get a signal in remote areas of the outback.

One thing to note on the Telstra T165i is the antenna curves away from your head to get a better reception and even comes with quick mounts for your car - where you’d have a bigger and better antenna.

T165i supports HSDPA networks however we’re not how much of the country side in Australia is under 3G coverage. Assuming you have coverage Telstra says you can expect download speeds of up to 3Mbps.

As we already mentioned this device also has an A-GPS receiver but there are no pre-installed application to make use of the location data. You’re going to have to rely on third party programs for maps and directions.

Telstra T165i costs AU$529.

Check out the review on ZDNet.

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