tomtom DUB1


tomtom DUB1


TomTom is getting ready to introduce a new system here in the U.S. named DUB1. None of us were supposed to know about this but thanks to a flop at FCC we have access to a few pics of the in-dash/portable GPS navigation system.

We really love the concept of an after-market GPS navigation system integrating into your dash to get rid of the unsightly cables so we can’t wait for TomTom DUB1 to be available here.

Other highlights of DUB1 include getting traffic updates from a bluetooth enabled phone and the ability to control car stereo from the unit.

Here is a letter from TomTom asking for the pics to be removed:


We don’t have a copy of the user manual now that it’s removed but gpspassion did keep a copy of the pics:




(Via NaviGadget.)

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