new holux GPS tracker 005


new holux GPS tracker 005

Holux has a new GPS tracking device device called GPS Tracker 005. It is designed to look like a wrist watch but we’re not sure if it actually shows the time at all. GPS Tracker 005 can provide real time tracking - meaning it is not only for logging where you’ve been. It actually has an integrated SIM card so it can transmit it is location via SMS or other channels.

To improve satellite fix times this GPS tracking device can download ephemeris data from server through internet. This is pretty much same as A-GPS but you’re going to have to download this data manually - about once a week. GPS Tracker 005 has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which can provide max 60 hrs working time when set to send data every 15minutes.

GPS Tracker 005 is also water resistant (IPX6) so you can take it to a hike with you even on a rainy day. For more specs check out specs page.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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