Haicom HI-602DT real time GPS tracking


Haicom HI-602DT real time GPS tracking


If you’re planning to keep an eye on whereabouts of someone or something that moves you’re going to need a real time GPS tracking system. Today we’re talking about Haicom HI-602DT It contains the usual GPS module, but also the GSM module ( a SIM card slot) to transmit its location back to the base. HI-602DT is slightly different from the others in this respect. When it comes to transmitting its position back to the tracker it does not use text messages - it uses the GSM dial tone transmission solution.

gps-tracking-decoderTherefore - they claim - you can use any SIM card you want without any monthly fees, or extra messaging costs; other than the actual calls made by the tracking system. The downside however is that you’re going to have to attach this decoder to your phone; just like seen in this picture to the right.

HI-602DT uses the most unique DTMF technology via GSM voice channel to send back the real time GPS location data directly to another phone. The user can track any moving object live on the map without Internet access and a call center in between (Tracking is free of charge with no need to pay any monthly subscription to a service)…. HI-602 continuously sends back real time location data. This facilitates route tracking on local GPS or Google maps. You can actually watch the vehicle movements live on a map similar to a car navigation system….

…User can insert any local GSM SIM card (or pre-paid SIM card, etc.) making it only necessary to pay a phone call charge when tracking is in use. Also, by setting up three priority call back telephone numbers inside HI-602DT, user can press the SOS button and the tracker will immediately send a SMS with GPS location to the preset numbers.

It is different, but it is a solution for live GPS tracking. It gives you the freedom to use any SIM card you want and leave out the middleman (other than your own cell phone network provider). It can last up to 5 days without a recharge and comes with all sort of accessories to assemble in a vehicle.

Other features that you can enable with a few optional accessories include:

  • two way voice communications

  • ability to use a panic button to make a call from the tracker side

  • ability to disconnect fuel and battery of a vehicle from any phone when installed in a car

  • vibration sensor to automatically dial back when the movement occurs

(Via NaviGadget.)

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