flaik GPS tracking system for skiers


flaik GPS tracking system for skiers

Flaik’s GPS tracking system we mentioned a couple of months ago just showed up at FCC meaning it is ready to hit the slopes pretty soon. One thing to note is that the pictures we found are quite different than what we reported on back in June so maybe this is a different version with no LEDs, no buttons, no nothing.

Just to recap Flaik is designed for skiers who spend a lot of time on the slopes. Get the name, ‘flaik’, you know like a snow flake… anyhow. In case they’re lost the device would communicate their location to a base location so they can be rescued before they lose a few digits to frost bite fairies.

Internal pics reveal a SIM card, a huge battery, and a GPS receiver; so nothing out of the ordinary for a real time GPS tracking system there.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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