Dashboard Devices to Debut "Carputer" at CES


Dashboard Devices to Debut "Carputer" at CES

Dashboard%20Devices.JPGDashboard Devices says it will formally launch its 'carputer' at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

DD plans to market its ENV (Entertainment and Navigation for Vehicles) as a two-part system: the ENV-XC, which includes the CPU, graphics unit, and other basic computing functions, as well as a choice of head-ends, including the ENV-100 (a double-DIN system); the ENV-50 (a single-DIN system with motorized screen), or the ENV-50c (a single-DIN system with detached screen). The standard DIN measurements are two inches high by seven inches wide, with a double-DIN setup doubling the height to four inches.

Dashboard Devices hasn't published the units' prices, although TWICE claims that the double-DIN ENV-100 will cost $2,700. Representatives from Dashboard Devices weren't able to be immediately reached for comment, possibly because of the Christmas holiday.

'We are currently in the final testing and evaluation stage of the ENV-100 In-Dash Unit and are planning our market launch for this summer!' according to the undated FAQ. 'The ENV-50 and ENV-50c are awaiting final design approval and are expected to be launched shortly after the ENV-100 is marketed!'

The company touts the devices as essentially car-based computers, running the same sort of applications and games as a desktop PC. However, the response to the question, 'What operating system do the ENV systems run?' in the company's FAQ has been left blank. The company does warn that viruses may be transferred onto the system, which either indicates the company's lawyers are disclaiming liability, or the system runs some form of Windows. The extensive list of specifications for the ENV-XC would seem to confirm this, as a 'power properties shell extension for Windows XP' is included.

The ENV-100 will include a 7-inch transflective 800 x 480 touchscreen, with dual-zone capability, so that a second touchscreen mounted in the rear can access the system as well. Inside the ENV-XC unit is an Intel Core Duo processor, 1 Gbyte of RAM, a 160-Gbyte hard drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dual FM radios, an optional satellite radio receiver, a DVD-RW burner, a GPS radio and associated software, and other features, including a rear-parking camera and cell-phone connectivity. One front-mounted USB port is included, along with two rear-mounted ports.

Dashboard Devices will offer each system with a the head-end plus the ENV-XC, wires, antennas, software, and a one-year limited warranty.

Note to Alaskan and Arizona customers: the operating temperature for the ENV-XC is between 32°F to 122°F, according to the company.

(Via Gearlog.)

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