eTrex Vista H


eTrex Vista H

etrex-vista-hGarmin just announced the eTrex Vista H – a low-cost ($200) handheld GPS receiver plus navigator.

eTrex Vista H - like we mentioned - is an entry level unit but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. It has a high sensitivity receiver that can get satellite fix under even dense tree canopy.

It includes an electronic compass and barometric altimeter as well which can be quite important if you’re outdoors a lot. eTrex Vista H also features USB interface which will give you access to a whopping 24MB of internal memory - allowing you to add detailed topo maps.

eTrex Vista H has a 2.4″ grayscale screen which can be used to view basemap of North and South America, containing major lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, national and state highways, railroads and coastlines.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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