wimax gps phone F200


wimax gps phone F200


If you remember we talked about the F2 GPS phone from dmedia last year. This year they’re also showcasing F200; a GPS phone with WiMAX connectivity.

wimax-gps-phoneApparently the F200 won the CES Innovations Award last year but somehow we managed to miss it. We’re sure they’ll be displaying their WiMAX GPS phone this year and we promise to be more careful not to miss any awesome new gadgets like this one.

F200 WiMAX GPS Phone equipped with G-sensor which could detect the angle of the cell phone from horizontal level, allowing users to view screen with either horizontal or vertical mode in vary applications. When you want to view pictures, simply to flip your cell phone from horizontal to vertical level then you can change the view mode of the picture. Embedded GPS Module makes cell phone a personal navigation device operating with navigation software preinstalled.

F200 WiMAX GPS phone features two screens; both on the same side. A 2.2″ one and a 1.6″ touch screen below it. The map data is preinstalled on a server and navigation software allows users to navigate through voice instructions. F200 also has a built-in 2MP digital camera.

It even has an embedded G-Sensor so it can flip the screen depending on how you’re holding the device.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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