Garmin GPSmap 76


Garmin GPSmap 76


Garmin GPSmap 76 GPS fits into the palm of your hand and features a backlit LCD display which is 1.6x2.2 inches displaying at 180x240 pixels. It is powered by two AA batteries, it is fully waterproof and is clearly a practical device which will determine your location quickly. It comes with detailed built in information on the US and Canada and an 8MB memory so you can store additional maps.

It has simple and easy to use controls, features Wide Area Augmentation Support and can be connected to your PC for information updates and map downloads. You can save up to 1000 favourite places and there are various handy navigation aids for land or sea travel from detailed maps of cities and roads to buoys and day beacons at sea. It also has celestial data built-in including sunrise and sunset times and tide information. Garmin GPSMap 76 is a highly portable budget GPS device.

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