Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro Z250


Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro Z250


We’ve talked about Ferrari GPS stuff on Navigadget before - mostly from German brand Becker. Their latest GPS navigation system designed after the Ferrari brand is called Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro Z250.

This portable GPS, conceived in collaboration with the Italian brand, has an ergonomic design with special materials such as the ‘Soft-Touch’. It has a user interface personalized for Ferrari; also in addition to the traditional POIs like the hotels, restaurants, museums, service stations and other places which marked on your route, this GPS also integrates, the Ferrari dealers in all of Europe and the United States.

The rest of the specs are quite ordinary. Take for example the wide 4.3″ screen, processing running at 400 MHz, 128MB of memory, Premium RDS/TMC Traffic information and a Bluetooth kit for hands free phone calls.

Like the previous Becker models, Ferrari Traffic Assist Pro Z250 also integrates a GPS SiRF III chip with SiRF InstantFixII function which allows for the prediction of satellite locations and thus, a faster calculation of position.

New for Becker, this GPS navigation system is delivered with maps of 40 European countries as well as United States, all of which fits onto a 4GB SD card.

Like Becker Z201, Z250 Ferrari will utilize the iGO 8 navigation software from Nav N Go which supports split screen view, lane assistance, 3D monuments, 3D highway intersections, and realistic road signs.

Becker Traffic Assist Pro Z 250 Ferrari Edition is available for 399 € in authorized Becker dealers or other Ferrari stores…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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