Garmin GPSMAP 545s Marine GPS Receiver


Garmin GPSMAP 545s Marine GPS Receiver


Garmin GPSMAP 545s is a chart plotting device which uses global positioning satellite technology to help you navigate safely and accurately at sea. It features a full color 5 inch screen capable of rendering sharp and bright visuals at 640x480 pixels and specially designed to be readable even in the glare of the sun.

It is easy to read, easy to set up and the detailed routes can be recalculated with fast redraw rates and photo-enhanced cartography. The machine includes detailed offshore maps and Bluechart g2 coverage of the USA and Bahamas. Powerful dual frequency or dual bean sonar allows you to map depth contours or target fish and structures beneath the water. It is also CANet enabled which means you can share sounder data with other plotter displays on your boat. This looks to be a very useful and versatile device for professional or casual sailing and you can currently pick one up for a knock down price of $779.20 - or get it from Amazon for $830…

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