Amod GPS Photo Tracker review


Amod GPS Photo Tracker review


This is how I like to review things: Take it out of the box. Charge it/put batteries in it - then use it. No manuals, no quick start guides, no settings, no configurations. This is exactly what I did with the Amod GPS Photo Tracker.

Right before I went on a camping trip I took my camera with me, opened the box for this little GPS photo tracking device, put in the 3 AAA batteries it needed, and then hit the road. I figured it can’t be to complicated to use a device with two buttons and 3 LEDs. One of the buttons has the power icon on it, the other - a flag. The LEDs are for memory, satellite signal, and battery power. After we left the city I turned it on. The green satellite LED was solid at first - few moments later it started blinking and stayed that way. First I thought blinking can’t be good. But than I thought in normal working state a blinking LED would save a lot of energy compared to an always on LED. It turns out blinking green satellite LED means all is good and we have satellite fix.

Then during the rest of the trip every time I took a picture I hit the little flag icon on Amod GPS photo tracker. Sometimes the device wasn’t within my reach so I didn’t bother. Sometimes I forgot to turn it off after I used it. I made sure I used the device carelessly and wanted to see if it was ‘fool proof’.

After the trip I sat in front of my PC, emptied out my digital camera’s SD card on to my computer as I normally would. And then I found the CD that came in the box double clicked the ‘setup’ to install the software. That went pretty smoothly. After that using the USB port of the Amod GPS Photo Tracker I connected it to my PC. My Windows box immediately recognized the device. Still no glitches… Going well.

When the software was ready I first found my pictures and then I found my GPS logs. I had about 10 - 12 that needed to be tagged. And then a few more between those that I never tagged. With the hit of a button the software immediately found all the pics I had tagged, and told me which ones were not tagged. Then after that I was able to fly in to the area where my pictures were taken using Google Earth. All that worked pretty good.

As a final note I can easily say the device is quite easy to use and it does what it promises. Thumbs up.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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