landrover’s iPhone GPS navigation app


landrover’s iPhone GPS navigation app


Now Land Rover has joined our list of iPhone GPS navigation systems. Their developers are not quite experienced as others in the fields, so you won’t be getting your dynamic turn by turn directions with this app. Nor will you know what street to take or anything like that. It just draws a straight line from your start point to your destination and calculates the distance for you. You know why? Because if you have a Land Rover Defender that how you’d drive. In a straight line.

We haven’t tested it but it seems like the app also lets you pick your own Land Rover - customize it, etc…

(Via adsoftheworld.comt.)

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jemswillam's Blog said...

Is land rover using Iphone as a Gps
device in the car. This is cool as
i was going to buy this car in a
month, i will get iphone free.
Mio Navman M400D