Mio Moov M300 and M400


Mio Moov M300 and M400


After its recent sat nav systems such as Spirit Moov series Mio just announced two new GPS navigation systems: Moov M300 and M400.

M300 is the smaller of the two and offers a 3.5″ screen with 320x240 pixels resolution. The numbers are 4.3 inches and a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels for the M400.

The M300 incorporates a map of France and is currently marketed at a price of 99 €. The M400 incorporates maps from 23 countries of Western Europe and is available at a price of 149 €.

Both come preloaded with speed radar locations and 1 year worth of free upgrades. Beyond that, it is € 30 per year for France.

The M300 and M400 also come with ‘local’ Mio which lets you search for addresses, including restaurants and shops, from your PC with the Yellow Pages and load them directly into your GPS.

The M400 also offers the NavPix photo navigation: with its integrated photo album, you can view photos of tourist sites, beaches, hotels and restaurants and then be guided directly to the chosen location. You can also retrieve for free from sites NavPix and Flickr, offering more than one million geotagged photographs.

Also worth mentioning is that the M300 and M400 do not have the latest software - Moov Spirit - that is available on the Spirit Moov 300, 500, HF 500 and Moov Spirit V505 and V735 TV TV.


(Via GPSandCO.)

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