BI ExacuTrack One GPS Tracking


BI ExacuTrack One GPS Tracking


We hope you really never have to wear one of these - however if your options are wear this or go to jail then maybe not such a bad thing. Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. may soon start using this device called BI ExacuTrack One. It just passed through FCC tests which means it is good to go.

The company behind this ‘involuntary’ GPS tracking solution - BI - already supports more than a thousand correctional agencies around the world.

Their latest product, BI ExacuTrack One, usually mounts on the ankle of the offender, has a really long battery life, provides web interface for tracking, and is lightweight and rugged.

Different from traditional live GPS tracking system ExacuTrack can also work with a local radio receiver:

ExacuTrack One includes an option for a cordless transmitting device, called a beacon, that is pending patent approval. Designed for flexibility, the beacon enhances the system’s reliability and reduces costs and power consumption. The beacon is installed in the client’s home, place of work, school or other designated location. When the individual on ExacuTrack One enters an area where a beacon is located, the system switches modes from GPS tracking to traditional radio-frequency monitoring, a very reliable communication mode. When the person exits the beacon range, the system immediately shifts back to GPS tracking.

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