Things to consider when buying a GPS System Equipment


There are three different satellite navigation systems used around the world.
The most common is the US Global Positioning System (GPS) or NAVSTAR witch uses uses 24 satellites. In fist place originated by the US military, GPS is now widely used for civilian purposes, for example GPS are used by cars
Galileo was launched in Europe in 2005 and was considered a rival system to NAVSTAR system. And there is also a Russian system called GLONASS.

When searching for sat nav deals you need to take in account the following things:

- Decide the purpose of use of the GPS and how often you intend to use the equipment (driving around city streets, hiking mountains or touring the Virgin Islands in your yacht? Each intended use has its unique needs, whether it's street maps and directions, topographical and altitude information or extra battery power);
- You need to decide how much you want and have to spend (budget)
- Decide what kind of maps you'll need (general, what-state-am- I-in maps, or precise city-driving directions?); And of course 2D and 3D maps. Newer models comes with 3D maps already.
- Choose a system that offers updates of the point-of-interest data (Most GPS systems include locations of airports and other transportation services, ATMs and banks, restaurants, hotels and a host of other sites); Pay attention also on the fact that a lot of units come with this POIS and maps already installed on the GPS and some units requires a download and install procedure.
- You need to decide with brand you are going to buy: Garmin, Mio, Magellan, Alpine, tom tom sat nav, Pionner, Cobra, etc....
- Turn by turn directions, and vocal as well as graphical directions (Some systems uses a map and monitor that include arrows that show you the direction of a turn and also indicate where your car is on the map in relation to the destination);
- Look for features such as audible alerts that warn you of upcoming intersections or turns, and scrolling maps to track your progress;
- Select a system that features multiple ways of getting to your destination (by address, by intersection, by a personal address book or via a location selected directly from the map);
- The screen type and size (most of the units now are 4.3 inch and touchscreen but there is a lot of GPS units that still comes with 3.5 inch touchscreen). is a great website that will help you to choose and compare cheap Sat Nav Deals.

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