Clarion MiND - now a lot cheaper


Clarion MiND – now a lot cheaper


Clarion MiND - since we last visited - has it’s own page now showing off its features. And even though it says you can grab one as low as $500, Amazon is not taking any chances and is willing to get rid of them for $250.


What do you think of this price? Are you willing to spend $250 for a WiFi enabled device with a 4.8″ screen and 4GB of flash memory? It is also bluetooth enabled which is good - but it is only way to get wireless internet when you are not close to any WiFi hotspots. You’d have to pair it up with your phone to get connectivity. Anyhow - what can Clarion MiND do for you? GPS navigation, play your tunes, new traffic updates service, and Google Local search.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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