Wintec G-Trender WSG-1000


Wintec G-Trender WSG-1000


Wintec G-Trender is a handheld GPS receiver device with a nice big screen. It seems like it is a step up from plain GPS back tracker devices since it has functions like calendar, speed, altimeter, atmospheric pressure, fitness training; but even provides some info on astronomy. All this in addition to the usual compass, backtracking, data logging functions.

Wintec G-Trender can also be used as a bluetooth GPS receiver in case you want to hook it up to your PDA or laptop.

It comes with a wrist band, GPS software, removable battery, and a USB cable.

We are not sure who carries this device in the U.S. just yet but once it comes out we’ll be first to let you know…

(Via letsgomobile).

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