UK: Cheapest Bluetooth GPS module is a steal!


UK: Cheapest Bluetooth GPS module is a steal!

royaltek 1 UK: Cheapest Bluetooth GPS module is a steal!

Staying in the UK retail space for a moment, have let me know about a Bluetooth GPS module that is retailing for a cracking £19.95 - a full 59% cheaper than its usual retail price!

The main features are:

  • Highly portable, the receiver can carried in your pocket, around your neck or in the car

  • The receiver has non-slip feet for mobile positioning within a car

  • The Bluetooth GPS Receiver will work with your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, laptop or Netbook

  • Allows you to join the GPS revolution with little outlay

  • Although the receiver has 7.5 hours battery life, it can actually be manually switched on and off to lengthen the battery life considerably

  • The receiver will enable you to download and use multiple GPS applications that are compatible for your phone

  • Our Bluetooth GPS Receiver is made by RoyalTek an awarding winning manufacturer from Taiwan

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 1 year warranty

And in the box you’ll get:

  • RoyalTek RBT100 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

  • Li-Ion Battery rated at 3.7V 680mAh

  • Windscreen / Dashboard Car Mount

  • Car Charger

  • Mains charger

  • Quick Start Instructions

And again, all this for £19.95 - bargain!


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