Navigon on Android


Navigon on Android


Navigon will be announcing their GPS navigation system software for the Android platform in August - Navigon MobileNavigator 7.

A 30 day trial version will be available for free which will even include speed limit warnings, and POIs along the way. There will also be a pedestrian version of the GPS navigation system included in this trial version.

You may find a restaurant through the recommendations of the social network Skobbler, and can also save rating and even send them directly to the communication tool Twitter.

Navigon MobileNavigator 7 for Android will be completely over the air. The maps are stored on a server and routes are also calculated by the server and then downloaded to your device. Of course you’re strongly advised to have a high speed data service on your phone before anything else.

This will be the first time for Navigon to offer such GPS navigation platform over the air. Navigon will be competing with the U.S. publisher ALK which already sells its navigation software CoPilot Live 8 for Android smartphones. Navigon MobileNavigator for Android goes on sale in August for 69 € with regional maps and for 99 € for the complete European version…


(Via NaviGadget.)

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