Alpine PND-K3msn now shipping


Alpine PND-K3msn now shipping


Alpine PND-K3msn we mentioned couple of weeks ago has started shipping and the price is announced to be $300. When you purchase you’ll get 3 months of free subscription to the MSN Direct service which provides traffic information, weather reports, gas prices, movie times, news and alerts, local event information and stock prices at 134 metropolitan areas in U.S. and Canada.

You also get the ’send-to-gps’ features which is probably the most useful feature of MSN Direct. You can find addresses, businesses, etc at Live Search Maps and send it directly to your device from a PC, all wireless.

A comparable Garmin is the nuvi 785T which costs $600 but it is different from K3msn since it offers lane assist. Also check out our review of the older model Alpine PND-K3.

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