iGO Yiddish GPS navigation


iGO Yiddish GPS navigation


GPS navigation software company Nav N Go is about to come out with a GPS navigation system for Yiddish speakers - kinda like the Mio Ma’amin we talked about couple of months ago.

The iGO GPS navigation system is designed for the orthodox market in Israel, providing the believers with more more than 10,000 unique Jewish interest points - including the addresses and telephone numbers of thousands of synagogues, mikves (ritual baths) and kosher restaurants. It also purposefully excludes non-kosher joints such as nightclubs, Internet cafes, and so on.

When the device is turned on you first have to click ‘Amen’ after reading the Travelers’ Prayers ton continue on with your destination.

The Yiddish edition navigation system will be available in store in about a month and will cost somewhere between NIS 1,200 and NIS 1,499.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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