NAVIGON 4300T max


NAVIGON 4300T max


Navigon just today announced their latest ‘NAVIGON 4300T max‘; a GPS navigation system that can learn from your driving habits and suggest a route accordingly. The new feature is called MyRoutes and provides the driver with up to 3 different routes to choose from considering speed limits, construction and traffic as you’re driving. And you’ll have ETA’s for all three.

However the software has a bit more intelligent than just throwing out three different routes at you. NAVIGON 4300T max will also save your individual driving data so it can recommend you the best route based on your history, while factoring in day of the week, and the time of the day. Clearly something Dash Express tried before they disappeared to target everyday commuters. We’ll see if Navigon can get people driving to and from work to buy their GPS navigation system.

Navigon 4300T max sells for $280. Hardware specs include a 4.3″ touchscreen interface, SiRF Atlas IV 500 MHz processor, integrated traffic receiver and antenna, Bluetooth, SiRF GRF3i+ GPS chip plus InstantFix II, 2 hour non-removable 1300 mAh li-ion battery, and a Micro SD card slot.


(Via NaviGadget.)

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