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garmin nuvi 1200 series


Garmin also just announced their nuvi 1200 series as well. Very similar to nuvi 1300 series but instead of the 4.3″ screen, 1200’s come with a 3.5″ screen. Text-to-speech is supported in all the models, as well as CityXplorer maps (extra), and the new slim form factor.

nüvi 1200($199.99)

  • 3.5″ screen

  • text-to-speech

  • maps of lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

nüvi 1250($249.99)

  • add comprehensive map coverage of North America

nüvi 1260T($299.99)

  • add lifetime traffic alerts from Navteq

  • add Bluetooth connectivity

  • (Via NaviGadget.)

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