Approach G5 golf GPS ships earlier than expected


Approach G5 golf GPS ships earlier than expected

ApproachG5target Golfers, despite what your kids' school calendar says, spring break has just begun, thanks to the Approach G5. Already topping expectations, Garmin's new golf-specific GPS device is now for sale. There’s no other existing golf device that combines the ease of use, large color touchscreen and preloaded information -- more than 5,100 preloaded courses, with more to come -- all with no subscriptions or annual fees. Within minutes of opening the box, you can be ready to tee off. And that time is now.

This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, Home Shopping Network will be featuring - and selling! - the Approach G5. You can also find it online now at various Web retailers. The waterproof Approach, with its touchscreen 3' color display, keeps it simple by asking you to either Play or Preview any of the thousands of preloaded courses. Weighing only 6.8 ounces and powered by two AA batteries, the Approach G5 features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and conforms with the rules of the R&A and USGA. So stop guessing, and start golfing with renewed confidence.

(Via Garmin Blog.)

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