Purchasing GPS Device Tips


Satellite navigation used to be present only on high-priced cars. Today, anyone can buy one. But there are so many choises – mobile phone-based, portable, in-car… which to select? We show you exactly what you need to know before buying a GPS unit.


You should considere the Map Coverage. Units sold in the US usually comes pre loaded with maps covering all North America and sometimes Canada. If you need maps from other countries, look at the gps brand web site for downloads availability for the county you want. Also, choose a unit with 3D map view (also called bird’s eye view). You should have a most pleasant navigation comparing to 2D maps.

Screen on GPS devices generally ranges from 3.5 inches to 7 inched diagonally and usually have a touchscreen capability. I would pick up one with at least 4.3 inches.

Some models have turn by turn navigation. Very usufull specially if you are using the unit on a car. You can hear the unit telling you “Turn Left in 200 meters at Broadway Avenue, or take a Right in 180 meters at Rodeo Drive street etc…


At http://www.satnav-expert.co.uk you can campare and buy a very large range of models, with excellent prices.

Some devices has the ability to receive real-time traffic alerts without a monthly or charge fee. That’s a very nice feature, if you don’t want to get traffic just around the corner.

Another important features to look for: Prefer a device with 24 channels (satellite signals) instead of 12 (usually cheaper models have 12 channels). You will have a more accurate position; Media Card Reader, so you can isert maps into SD memory cards, together with MP3 music and video files (if the unit have the ability to read this types of files); POI’s (points of interest) – it’s a database with hotels, restaurants, gas statitions, banks, etc…spots that you want to consult during you travels; Bluetooth; FM Transmitter; Music and Video Player and the Power Suplly.


Sat Nav is one of the technologies that are becoming very popular, and prices are cheaper than ever.

The last tip: If I were you, definitely I go for a buy!

By Mavilonus (Via World of GPS)

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