NaviSeer: GPS and DR tracking


NaviSeer: GPS and DR tracking


Seer Technology today announced a new product called NaviSeer. Naviseer is a personal tracking system mostly designed for military personnel. It uses MEMS technology and offers a lightweight wearable unit so the guy in charge always knows where everyone is.

What’s different about Naviseer is that the device works even in ‘GPS denied environments’. It relies heavily on dead-reckoning when GPS signals are unavailable and can still provide position information to within 2% accuracy of distance traveled. The unit weighs less than five ounces and must be worn on the back of the user so it can translate body movement into latitude, longitude and elevation digital positions which are continuously updated to the command and control center.

The device has three gyros, three accelerometers (one at each axis), a magnetometer and a baro altimeter. The DR module is a miniature, self-contained, electronic navigation unit that provides user position relative to an initialization (starting or home) point (0,0). DR and GPS data are blended by an internal Kalman filter. When GPS is available, the DR functions are automatically calibrated continuously. When GPS is unavailable, DR takes over.

Seer Technology is already taking orders and hopes to ship NaviSeer by second quarter of 2009.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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