nuvi 465T - GPS navigation for trucks


nuvi 465T - GPS navigation for trucks


Garmin is going to announce their first GPS navigation system designed exclusively for trucks (what about nuvi 5000?). It is called nuvi 465T. The device supports multiple truck profiles and features advanced routing and guidance to support truck-related road restrictions such as height, width, length, weight and hazardous materials. All you’ll have to do is enter some dimensions information and any other restrictions based on your load and nuvi 465T will adjust your route accordingly.

the nüvi 465T also provides locations in the National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS) Breakdown Directory, a guide to semi-truck repair facilities nationwide. This information is preloaded and lets truckers find find truck-specific points of interest, such as truck repair, towing and recovery, tire sales and repair, glass repair, fuels stops and more.

nüvi 465T has a 4.3″ touchscreen display, comes with maps of US, Canada and Puerto Rico, speaks street names, and also features Bluetooth. It also does automatic time zone transition. Lifetime traffic alerts from NAVTEQ Traffic are free too. Some other alerts it can provide are truck hazards along the route such as sharp curves, steep grades, road narrows and more.

nuvi 465T will be available second quarter of this year and go for $500…

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Gary said...

National driver for 9 years. Gps user for 8 years. Have accumulated over 1900 truck stops that I have actually been to. Have tried many GPS units and always go back to my Garmin 7200. PC Miler and World Nav trucking GPS units are terrible. Do not get one of those units.

Very excited about Garmins entry into truck routing GPS units. However, I will wait until Garmin does a little better job and provides a useful trucking GPS.

My ideal unit would be to take the Garmin 7200 as is to include the navigation software the 7200 uses and put the truck attibutes into the unit, provide Garmins exellent Blutooth sofware, use MSN direct, add lane assistance and 3-D buildings.

The 7200 has superior navigation software to any of the new offerings by Garmin. All the newest Nuvi series GPS units have dropped the display of rest areas, weigh stations and exit numbers. These are critical displays in my business. I use the exit number dispay on every route I create while driving a truck. I can’t convey the importance of knowing where weigh stations are after I get a truck loaded. All this is missing with the new Nuvi navigation software. The find command on the 7200 is far more enhanced on the 7200 then any of the new Nuvi series GPS units. Better in every way.

A 4.3 inch display is totally useless in my truck. I need an external GPS receiver in order to get more accuracy. I use the remote on my 7200 all the time. I have XM radio on my 7200 which is a real blessing. Multiple trip computers on the 7200 is a feature I use everyday. An FM modulator or an external plug for a cassette adaptor is needed so that I can use my truck speakers for both XM radio and navigation instuctions. The truck is simply too loud for reliance on those puny speakers in all the new Nuvi’s. Because of the noise in my truck, the blutooth feature on the 465T would be useless. The 465 T lacks all these features.

As I said, I am very excited about Garmin’s entry into the trucking GPS market. I know that their effort is the best in the industry. However, my 7200 is still superior to anything offered by anyone in the business of GPS units, including Garmin. For now, I plan to keep my 7200. Let’s see what Garmin does in the future.