GPS chartplotting with 955c from Humminbird


GPS chartplotting with 955c from Humminbird


We realize we don’t pay enough attention to marine GPS units so we’ll try to make up for it by talking about the GPS chartplotting device 955c from Humminbird. It has a price tag of $1,200 but it’ll probably pay for itself with all that fish you’ll catch.

Chartplotter 955C has a nicely sized 8″ color display with 480x800 resolution in a 16:9 format. It comes with UniMap built-in, and it is Navionics compatible, with 3D chart support. It can hook up to bunch of other units with with various network Modules such as the WeatherSense, CannonLink, and InterLink.

As far as the GPS receiver it can track 16 satellites at once and that should be plenty since you’ll almost never be under thick tree canopy or tall buildings blocking your view (ok maybe some big dark clouds). It allows for trackplotting and chartplotting, can report your GPS Speed and supports Navionics Platinum which is an optional add on.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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