There’s a relatively new application for drivers out there called GreenDrive developed by Road-Guard. GreenDrive was selected as a runner-up for the European Satellite Navigation Competition in 2008.

GreenDrive works by suggesting the most economical driving style to the driver. When you’re too slow or too fast it’ll tell you to speed up or break so you’re always driving close to the optimal speed for fuel efficiency. GreenDrive can be installed on GPS navigation devices or GPS powered cell phones.

GreenDrive™ is an award-winning solution that guides drivers to develop smart, smooth, and safe driving techniques that lead to an average fuel savings of 15-25% and positively contributes to environmental protection.

GreenDrive can also collect data on driver performance and let you analyze it using a web application - which can provide feedback for better driving habits.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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