cheetah gps speed camera detector for U.S.


cheetah gps speed camera detector for U.S.


Called Cheetah C50, this device is a small GPS speed camera detector for the U.S. It costs $100 and has 65 unique spoken voice alerts for various types of

threats. It can identify the different types of cameras such as speed, red light, speed-on-green, and also is capable of telling you if the camera is on a freeway, a highway, an exit ramp, a frontage road, a nearby city street, in a tunnel, after the end of a tunnel, on an overpass, in a school zone, in a construction zone or even near a bridge ahead.

Cheetah C50 has directional intelligence, meaning it won’t bug you if the camera is facing the other direction, has a speedometer and a compass, and of course is loaded with camera locations for North America.

Here is the video:

(Via NaviGadget.)

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