TomTom GO I-90


TomTom GO I-90


TomTom GO I-90 is the latest in car infotainment plus GPS navigation system from the company. This retro fitted device takes up 2-DIN on your dashboard and therefore can be installed in many cars, including older ones.

TomTom GO I-90 combines radio too so you don’t have to give up your favorite station but it lacks a CD slot. However that’s not all that bad since listening to tunes on your CD is so old school. GO I-90 does support USB storage devices - which would be a really easy way to bring your music on board.

Another benefit of TomTom GO I-90 integrated solution in addition to completely getting ridding of charging cables and mounts is that it works with the audio system in your car which should be nice and loud and interference free since it would mute your music while directions are being announced.

TomTom GO I-90 comes with maps of Western Europe pre-installed, supports bluetooth connected phones for hands free and will be available starting December 2009 for Є599.

More features:

  • Pre-installed map of Western Europe

  • TomTom Map Share technology - so drivers get daily map changes from the TomTom community.

  • TomTom Safety Alerts, including safety cameras.

  • Enhanced Positioning Technology - for uninterrupted navigation, even in tunnels.

  • Improved hands-free calling - so drivers can make and answer phone calls safely while driving.

  • Help-Me! emergency menu - local information to get help quickly.

  • Optional iPod support - optimal support for iPod playback and iPod charging.

  • Optimised TMC reception through the car’s antenna.

  • Address speech recognition and text-to-speech.

  • USB connection for MP3/I-pod.

  • Amplifier (4 x 40 WATT).

  • FM reception.

  • RDS support for PS, AF, TA.

  • AM reception (LW and MW).

  • Built in TMC receiver.

  • Ready for steering wheel control (3rd party accessory).

  • Connectors to car and outside world (GPS, USB, iPod).

(Via NaviGadget.)

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