Rockwell Collins MicroDAGR


Rockwell Collins MicroDAGR


Rockwell Collins just introduced a handheld GPS receiver called MicroDAGR which carries the same functionality as their older model DAGR in a smaller, lighter, but still very rugged form factor.

MicroDAGR can provide soldiers on the war zone with real-time position, navigation, maps and timing information on a color touch screen display. Apparently it is small enough to be worn on the wrist, attached to a lanyard, or placed in a pocket.

The company listened to some feedback from the soldiers on the field to develop MicroDAGR and so they included vibration alert, MP3 player, and even a digital camera. No, don’t immediately assume this is all for entertainment. The press release says:

These features will allow soldiers to record geo-rectified images of the battlefield for after-action review and analysis, listen to foreign language translations of important commands and phrases and get silent alerts from their MicroDAGR when they reach preprogrammed waypoints and/or danger areas.

Rockwell Collins’ MicroDAGR will be available as soon as January of next year. Join the forces to get your hands on one of these.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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