Mainnav MG-600 For Cyclists


Mainnav MG-600 For Cyclists

Mainnav MG-600 For Cyclists

Cyclists who want to efficiently track the details of their sessions will want to take a peek at the MG-600, a brand-new high sensitivity GPS device from Mainnav. The device acts as a GPS data logger, and captures data that can be viewed on Google Earth and Google maps. It should be rather efficient on the battery too, since it will track your movements while you’re moving, but will switch off data recording when you’re motionless. The screen can also be set to flash every 3 seconds if you’ve been slower than your average. Specifications include:

  • Unit size : 78x49.75x17.5 mm

  • Weight: 70g

  • Interface: Mini USB 2.0

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion 850mAh battery that lasts 18 hours with normal use

  • IPX6 weather proof

  • 4MB memory

  • Records 260,000 waypoints

  • Optional Bluetooth receiver

  • Light Sensor

  • Supports metric, imperial and nautical units

(Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)

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