Medion GoPal P4445


Medion GoPal P4445


MEDION GoPal P4445 is quite new in Europe. It offers an unusual flat screen measuring 4.7″, maps of Europe (Q4/2008), Traffic Message Channel receiver, 2GB internal memory, text-to-Speech, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and even a fingerprint sensor. The GPS receiver is SiRF starIII which comes with SiRFInstantFixII. All the heavy weight is lifted by the Samsung 400 MHz processor.

What makes Medion GoPal 4445 more high-end than most other devices out there is the voice commands capability. In order to keep your hands on the wheel, the GPS navigation system can be controlled easily by voice whether it is address input, volume or traffic information - the device understands a variety of commands.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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