iPod Touch GPS navigation


iPod Touch GPS navigation


Geolife and PosiMotion just announced a turn-by-turn navigation app which is submitted to the Apple App Store. It is currently pending approval but when it gets the green light it will be the first GPS navigation app solely designed for the iPod touch.

The way it works is that it uses PosiMotion’s G-Fi mobile network/GPS router and the GPS navigation software from Geolife’s Navmii. The app can turn any iPod touch into a personal navigation device with smart routing, interactive maps and spoken directions.

G-Fi currently costs $99, and the Navmii iPhone application will be available for £30 for UK maps and $40 for US maps. A combined G-Fi mobile network/GPS router and Navmii software application for iPod touch will also be available once the Navmii application has been approved by Apple.

We have a list of all the iPhone GPS navigation apps.

Navmii GPS navigation app for the iPhone have also been submitted to the Apple App Store. See the video after the jump…

(Via NaviGadget.)

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