GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients


GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients


Vision Localization Systems and CEAFA (Spanish Confederation of Relatives of Alzheimer’s) just unveiled a new and improved GPS tracking system for Alzheimer patients and their families called Keruve 2010. Keruve 2010 is made up of two parts. The base station which helps you locate where the patient is, and the super sleek wrist watch that actually looks pretty stylish too.

Different from their previous version, this GPS locator is a lot more discrete and comes in three gentleman models (classic, sports), two lady models, and even a unisex model - wrist watch without any compromise in functionality.

The device relies on four different tracking systems which includes GPS-SBAS (<2.5m), a special indoor positioning system (10-40m), VisionCellid (200-500m), and T-GSM (200m-1500m), and has a feature called ‘multicoverage’ which use the sum of all GSM networks available in each country.

The base station has a 4.2″ screen, display streets with large letters, and has an ergonomic design. We don’t have any information on how much this GPS tracking system from Alzheimer’s patients will cost but it can’t be that cheap.



(Via NaviGadget.)

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