nuviphone G60 reviews


nuviphone G60 reviews


A couple of reviews already came out about the nuviphone G60 we waited for years. One from pcmag, and the other one from Gizmodo. Neither of them look that good but if you have your heart set on this device you should really read the reviews and look for specifics that would actually change your mind.

pcmag: You can search for points of interests with your voice, great map detail, no DC power adapter for charging, voice directions not very loud, comes with document viewer, no MMS, bad camera, no video recording or playing, good battery life.

Still, the G60 is the best cell-phone-based GPS navigation device I’ve ever tested.

gizmodo: bad touchscreen, bad camera, bad accelerometer, $5 extra to check weather, traffic, etc, no car chager, good navigation.

I didn’t mean to be this harsh, but I also didn’t expect the G60 to be so bad.

Have you seen any other nuviphone G60 reviews? Please share URLs in the comments section.

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