Garmin nüvi 1310


Garmin nüvi 1310

nuvi-1310Back in March we mentioned Garmin nuvi 1300 series but never talked about the European version - nuvi 1310. Just like its American counterparts nuvi 1310 also shares slim body design that only measures 15mm thick, offers bluetooth connectivity, lane assist feature, and even speed camera warnings that are updated daily.

Garmin nuvi 1310 has the wide 4.3″ touch screen, battery that can last up to 4 hours, microSD card support, and text to speech feature.

It has different version for different areas such as nuvi1310T for Nordics, Alps, Spain/Portugal, Eastern Europe and finally UK/Ireland.

Suggested retail price for it is £ 180 but Amazon carries them for £ 143.

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Ben said...

The Garmin 1310 is an excellent bit of kit, really easy to use, spoken instructions are much nicer than the other half trying to tell me where to turn as well!

Got mine cheap from - Garmin Nuvi 1310 Sat Nav @
Really cheap only £118