Ecco GPS locator


Ecco GPS locator


Ecco GPS Locator is a little handy GPS device that can help you locate things, places, etc. Not to be confused with GPS vehicle tracking, this little thing can only mark where you are - but can’t transmit its location back to you or anyone else. It is what we like to call a GPS backtracker.

Let’s say you’re visiting a new city and want to take a walk outside and discover some places. It would be a good idea to mark your position as soon as your step out your hotel, so you can always head back safely. It actually lets you store up to 3 locations - so why not another for where you parked your rental, and another for the restaurant you saw on the way. Ecco GPS locator is as small as a basic key fob and doesn’t look much different other than the blue backlit LCD screen. It can track 32 satellites at once and promises to get you a position fix in 60 seconds.

When it is time to head back to one of your marked spots this GPS locator can you show you the distance and an arrow pointing where you need to go. Imperial or metric. It measures 1.5x0.5x3 inches. Costs $99 on Amazon.

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