iNavi LE GPS navigation system


iNavi LE GPS navigation system


Korean Thinkware just keeps pumping out new iNAVI GPS navigation devices. This latest one is called iNAVI LE and it carries the characteristic 7″ touch screen.

The screen gets you 800x480 resolution and with the DMB receiver it can be quite entertaining (when idling of course). The processor on iNavi LE can buzz at 500Mhz, the GPS receiver is from European Ublox, and it has a 128MB of RAM and 64MB of ROM.

There’s a 2GB, 4GB, and an 8GB version. They cost 249,000KRW ($205) 289,000KRW ($238) for 4GB and 329,000KRW ($270) respectively.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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