NAVIGON 8410 and NAVIGON 8450 Live


NAVIGON 8410 and NAVIGON 8450 Live


We had already announced Navigon 8410 a while ago, but with the IFA 2009 show in Germany it became more official - along with its brother Navigon 8450 Live. The story with these are pretty similar to the Navigon 64xx series. Navigon 8410 will cost 450 Euros and you’ll have to the option to add on the Live module for an extra 100 Euros. The Navigon 8450 Live on the other hand will be offered for 500 Euros. The outrageous Live service still apply after the first three months: 140 Euros for two years, or 80 Euros for one year.

Some of the extras you get on 8410 and 8450 Live that you won’t find on the 63xx series are the enhanced multimedia features, the huge 5″ touch screen with glass surface, and of course the DVB-T antenna for watching digitally broadcast channels.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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