Lok8u locates your unruly child


Lok8u locates your unruly child


We thought we’d mention the Lok8u GPS child tracker. It has been around for a while in the UK, but they’re now in the States side as well. Their company name ‘NuM8″ is quite tacky - something you wouldn’t expect from Brits :) - which should sound like ‘new mate’. If you still haven’t noticed the product name Lok8u sounds like ‘locate you’. Alright, enough with name calling. The device is in the shape of a digital wrist watch which can communicate its precise location to parents via Google Maps or text messages and can warn you if it has been removed without your authority.

Their technology makes use of A-GPS too - which should help when your child is indoors and help satellite fix times be a lot shorter. Lok8u can last about 2 - 3 days with a single charge but we’re not that optimistic.

Their pricing in the U.S. has not been revealed yet but UK prices are as follows: The watch itself is £150 and the monthly fees range from £5 to £20. £5 gets you 1 update for a whole month while £20 gets you unlimited everything.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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