Navigon 6310 and 6350 Live


Navigon 6310 and 6350 Live


Days like this make us miss Navigon more - since they left North America. Navigon seems to be doing well in Europe though, announcing new products and services left and right (Navigon 1400, 1410; Navigon 2400, 2410). Now we’re talking about Navigon 6310 and 6350 Live; two new GPS navigation systems from the company. Offered with these two new devices is Navigon’s Live service that provides real-time information about the current traffic conditions on the route, find out how many parking spaces are available at a parking lot near you, update you on the weather, let you do Google Local search, and more.

The bad part is the service is only free for the first 3 month. After that to make better use of your Navigon 6310 and 6350 Live you’ll have to shell out EUR 80/year, or EUR 140/2years. The Live services are provided with a SIM card from T-Mobile.

Some other features of NAVIGON 6350 Live and NAVIGON 6310 include the improved voice-command feature, Panorama View3D, Landmark View3D and City View3D; 4.3″, 16:9 format display, chrome edging, NAVIGON MyRoutes, NAVIGON Clever Parking, TMC Routing Info, Spoken TMC, POI Click and Real Road Sign Pro.

NAVIGON 6350 Live costs EUR 350, including the NAVIGON Live module. The NAVIGON 6310 is EUR 300 but you’ll have to retrofit the Live module for an extra EUR 100. The NAVIGON 6310 will be available in a couple of weeks whereas the NAVIGON 6350 Live will come out in October.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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