NAVIGON 1400 and 1410


NAVIGON 1400 and 1410


Some other new models from Navigon are the NAVIGON 1400 and 1410. These will be very very similar to the NAVIGON 2400 and 2410 we just talked about but will lack the E-compass and also not be as shiny since it will not have the chrome frame nor the smooth design casing. Other than that NAVIGON 1400 and 1410 still have the pedestrian navigation system which Navigon calls the Last Mile feature. As soon as you switch to the pedestrian mode Navigon rotates the screen from landscape to portrait mode for to make it easier to use with one hand.

Another well thought of feature with these devices is the power-saving function that saves your battery when the device is in pedestrian mode allowing you to stroll the city for up to four hours.

NAVIGON products start at 129 euros for the NAVIGON 1400, including maps for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The NAVIGON 1410, which includes maps for 40 European countries, costs 149 euros.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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