Navibe BackTrack GPS


Navibe BackTrack GPS


Remember the GPS backtracker we first talked about back in June and reviewed here? If you’re interested in this device - we have some good news for you. buygpsnow already have the device available for only $60. Of course it has been re-branded and they now call it Navibe BackTrack GPS. Anyhow - $60 is a good price for a GPS device that could potentially save your life, or at least help you find your car in a super-sized parking lot.

With the Navibe BackTrack GPS you can mark up to 4 locations, use it in compass mode only, or use it as a thermometer (Celsius or Fahrenheit). It has a digital compass with 8 directional arrows, run on 2 AAA batteries, is IPX-6 water resistant, uses a 20 channel SiRF StarIII GPS receiver. It’s a great GPS device to have.

(Via NaviGadget.)

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