Suzuki and Garmin Botch SX4 GPS Integration


Suzuki and Garmin Botch SX4 GPS IntegrationSuzuki_SX4_Edmunds_GPS.jpg

The Suzuki SX4 is a low-end economy crossover with some pretty advanced tech built-in, including a removable Garmin navigation system with the same robust feature set you'd expect from a regular standalone PND. However, that doesn't mean the two manufacturers thought everything through. As found during its long-term test, the unit lets you issue voice commands, and can also stream MP3s from an SD card through the stock car stereo.

So far, so good. But it's not so simple; first, the unit can't play anything imported in the default iTunes AAC format and only works with MP3s. Not only that, but you must navigate through many submenus to get to the MP3 player. That's still not the end of the world--until you cue up a song.

Once you motor away from a stop, that's it; the system locks the Garmin down into 'Safe Mode,' which is intended to prevent you from controlling the GPS while driving. Except that it also takes away control of the MP3 player! Plus, if you choose a song and then set out, it will only play that one song--it doesn't move to the next one automatically. And it won't let you re-establish control of the MP3 player unless you stop the car, or pull the unit out of its housing and reseat it. Priceless.

(Via Gearlog.)

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