MotionX – new version is out


MotionX – new version is out


Just following up on one of our favorite iPhone GPS apps - motionX-GPS - we saw that they just released a new version: V7.

This little app is very useful for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, sailing, etc… MotionX-GPS can save your tracks and lets you share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter - overlaying where you’ve been on the familiar Google Maps platform.

Some of the new features on version 7 include:

  • Direction-up maps and tracks utilizing the 3GS compass

  • Support for new Bing map types — road, aerial and hybrid

  • Optimized compass

  • Auto compass for the iPhone 3GS

    switches automatically between magnetic and satellite mode.

  • Save your travels via a track on the map page even if

    you haven’t used the stopwatch/track recorder feature.

You can get the latest MotionX-GPS app from the iTunes store for $2.99 - or stay tuned in case we do giveaway pretty soon ;)

(Via NaviGadget.)

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